Dating Tips for Single Women at Bars

18 April of 2016

Bars, night clubs, and other places that serve alcohol have always been popular spots for a date for everyone. Single women who frequent bars need some extra protection, especially when alcohol is involved because newspapers are rife with stories of what happens when women aren’t careful. Some amount of advance preparation and a bit of care can ensure that single women find a fun way to spend time at a bar and drink to their heart’s content without facing any problems.

Here are some safe dating tips for single women at bars, especially when alcohol is involved.

Never Leave Drinks Unattended – Leaving a drink unattended is something no woman should ever do at bars. While tampered drinks can be tested with products like Undercover Colors it is always best to keep a drink in hand when talking. If a woman wishes to go to the powder room, the drink should be left in the hands of a friend but never on the table where anyone can access it. While dancing, the drink should either be finished or taken with. It is also advisable for women to buy their own drinks and not accept drinks from strangers.

Know About Individual Alcohol Tolerance – It is not advisable to be extremely drunk – both for safety and for dating. No lucrative and fun conversation can be had when either of the parties is too drunk to form coherent words or offer consent. Instead, women should know about their personal limitations when it comes to drinking and stick to their quota. If, drinking too much is on the menu, there should be a designated driver who would drive everyone home safely. Drinking and driving is never recommended. It can be dangerous and, at times, fatal to everyone involved.

Keeping Friends Close Has Its Benefits – Women should always have an alternative plan with friends, in case a date doesn’t go as planned and they want a quick getaway. Friends can call pretending to have an emergency or stay close by to ensure that everyone is safe and sound.

Casual Attitudes Work Better – Finally, in order to have fun while dating, it is not advisable to grill everyone and give them the third degree. Asking casual questions and keeping body language open and confident is the key to happy dating. Women should always pay for themselves so that the power resides in their hands and there is no obligatory dating.


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