Fashionable Products that Offer Personal Safety

17 March of 2017

In 2017, it’s simply a fact that women have to be on alert for their personal safety. Luckily, that’s getting easier with these products that prioritize safety and discretion. We hope you won’t ever have to use them, but just in case, here are our five favorites.

Undercover Colors Nail Polish
Undercover Colors (@UndercoverColor) solves the drugged drink problem. Normally, you would have no way of knowing whether or not your drug was laced with GHB or Rohypnol, but this polish changes that. Simply dip your finger and check out the color. If it stays the same, your drink is safe. But if it changes, toss it down the drain and get out of there. Even Shark Tank loves this revolutionary nail polish; Mark Cuban invested in the project last year.

Wisewear Socialite Bracelets
This bracelet is not only safety-conscious, it’s also classy. It has a beautiful design and myriad color options, but that’s not the best part: it also connects to your phone via Bluetooth and, with a few taps, can send out a distress message. It can also send you notifications you prioritize.

Siren Ring
The Siren ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry that blends in so well, you would never guess that with a twist of the top, it would let out a deafening alarm meant to scare away would-be attackers. Nice try, creepy guy.

Beauchamp Backpack
Physical safety isn’t the only concern of the modern woman; you also have to be aware of identity theft. Enter Knomo’s Beauchamp backpack. Not only is it sleek, it also has a built-in RFID blocker that protects your credit cards and passports. It’s available in different colors and materials, including a stunning leather version.

Companion App
Do you run? Do you walk to work or home from restaurants and bars? If so, Companion is the app for you. It’s smart in a way many other safety apps aren’t. If you start running suddenly, if your phone gets dropped suddenly, or if you don’t make it back from your run within a normal amount of time, the app will ask if you’re okay. If you don’t check in, it sends out a distress text to trusted contacts.

So live your life fully, but be safe doing it. Check in with Companion, tote a Beauchamp, and accessorize with a Siren, Wisewear, and Undercover Colors polish; they put your safety back in your control. Check out other safety options here.


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