JDate vs JSwipe

07 April of 2016

According to JSwipe CEO David Yarus, JDate has dropped by half on the stock exchange since JSwipe came on the scene. The owner of the young, user-friendly and popular app, which has 410,000 users in 70 different countries, believes JSwipe is being targeted by what he brands an “outdated organization” simply because it exists. “In short, we’re being sued for using the letter J, which stands for Jewish community, and for a patent which broadly explains matching people through technology,” he tells The Jerusalem Post.

“Our case is not about the letter J,” counters Michael Egan, CEO of J-Date owner Spark Networks. Since the lawsuit has made headlines, JDate has been mocked for singling out JSwipe amid a sea of other companies that begin with the letter J. But the company insists the lawsuit is more complex than has been portrayed, and refutes claims that it is an attempt to stifle market competition.

“Our case against JSwipe is about their infringement on our technology and their attempt to build a business on the back of the JDate trademark,” asserts Egan. “From a trademark perspective, it is not about just the “J”.  Today, “swiping” and “dating” mean the same thing. Their choice of name has diluted the JDate brand and confused the Jewish community into believing that they were a part of our organization.”

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Source: jpost.com


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