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Tuesday 01/08/2017

Date Night in Grand Cayman. Where to Eat? Fashionable Products that Offer Personal Safety

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Undercover Colors (@UndercoverColor) solves the drugged drink problem. Normally, you would have no way of knowing whether or not your drug was laced with GHB or Rohypnol, but this polish changes that. Simply dip your finger and check out the color.

Jump Start your Health Regimen for 2017 Purchasing an Engagement Ring in Florida Staying Safe During a First Date
08 Feb

Recent Marriages: Jackie Soffer and Craig Robins

Success Stories

In one of the most lavish and happy weddings of the year, Craig Robins and Jackie Soffer have tied the knot. Both members of the wedding party are major players in the real estate industry. Jackie Soffer is a real estate mogul. Craig Robins is also heavily involved in many kinds of highly important real estate deals.

06 Jan

Gifts That Every Woman Wants This Year


This year, women are especially excited about Mannatech’s ( 100% Essential Oils 5-Piece Kit. Essential Oils are really at the forward edge of the skin care and cosmetics trend, and this kit supplies a varied set of botanicals that is not only the best product for her skin (and health, for that matter) but are pleasantly aromatic and soothing for any stressed out woman.

30 Apr

Women Everywhere, Now is Your Time to Shine


Who says that men deserve more pleasure than women? In 2014, a study from the …

10 Feb

Single Girl’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day


What was inspired by a saint many centuries ago has since become an annual celebration …

07 Feb

7 Steps to Breaking Up with Your Ex & Starting New


Change can be hard, no matter the situation. However, this becomes especially true in times …

05 Feb

Survivor’s Guide to Awkward First Dates


As a first-date veteran, I’ve been on my share of awkward ones. And I write; …

05 Feb

Tips & Tricks to Traveling with Your Significant Other


Recently my friend Hannah took a trip with her boyfriend of 6 months. What started …

05 Feb

The Pros & Cons of Blind Dating


Whether we like it or not, dating is a necessary part in the process of …

05 Feb

7 Rules for Texting and Dating


Has texting gotten in the way of your dating success? Dating is already hard as …

01 Feb

Hide the Crazy as Long as Possible

Trolling About

I’m not sure if it’s sad, or just perfection, that it’s taken me five years …